Saturday, June 27, 2009

Circle the Cat

I found a link to this game from digg today. The object is to encircle the cat in such a way so that it cannot run off the edge of the board. You and the cat take turns, with you marking a spot that the cat cannot walk onto, and the cat running from one space to an adjacent space.


  1. Strategy: It is difficult to circle the cat if you play near it directly. The cat has too many degrees of freedom. Borrowing a concept from Go, play farther away from it, near the edge of the board, and see where it goes. Then you can adjust your strategy to play in the cat's way, but still stay out on the edge. Play a wide net at first, using one-jump spaces that can be filled in as the cat approaches and you need to stop it from escaping.

  2. It gets easier once you figure out how the cat thinks (hint:it makes shortsighted mistakes).